IDMAN Forensics is equipped to process and/or evaluate evidence for latent fingerprints, impression marks, document alteration, blood spatter and examination by special photographic and imaging techniques.

Additionally, many times it becomes necessary to test theories proffered by the opposing party. Thorough research and testing may mean the difference between standing your ground or realizing that it's time to negotiate. The services offered by IDMAN Forensics afford you the opportunity to explore your options in the best interest of your client. Research and testing may be conducted by IDMAN Forensics or referred to qualified practitioners under contract. You are invited to contact us with your concerns.

Fingerprint Expert - Fingerprint Examiner - Certified Latent Print Examiner - Crime Scene Investigator - Crime Scene Analyst - Crime Scene Reconstruction - Evidence Examination
Crime Scene Photography - Evidence Photography - Evidence Analysis - Digital Image Enhancement - Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst - Criminal Case Review

Lt. Robert J. (Bob) Garrett is a fingerprint expert , crime scene expert and crime scene reconstructionist.