"Once in a while you will stumble upon the truth but most of us manage to pick ourselves up and hurry along as if nothing had happened."

Winston Churchill

Policy Statement

  Forensic Science should not be the realm of practitioners who think that tenure equals credibility or that education equals competence. The stakes are too high to allow for that sort of arrogance. It is also not the place for advocacy. Unfortunately, too many of today’s “forensic consultants” aren’t searching for the truth; they merely hunt for a kernel of reasonable doubt. Instead of seeking to prove their theory, they are content to merely allow for its possibility. And rarely do they offer experimental proof of their position.

    There is no greater crime than to imprison a person innocent of the crimes charged. It is the responsibility of all involved with the criminal justice system to strive for the truth regardless of how it may affect a case.

    It is with these thoughts in mind that I approach my consulting work. If you are looking for integrity, experience, innovation and most of all, honesty, you will not be disappointed by my efforts on your behalf.

The following services are offered:

Case Review : An examination of the substantial elements in the case including police practices and procedures.

Evidence Review : An evaluation of the case evidence, collection procedures, the examinations conducted, the conclusions reached and in some instances, a re-examination of the evidence.

Trial Preparation : Assistance with the preparation of trial exhibits and presentations including photographs, charts, diagrams, models, multi media and PowerPoint®.


Fingerprint Expert - Fingerprint Examiner - Certified Latent Print Examiner - Crime Scene Investigator - Crime Scene Analyst - Crime Scene Reconstruction - Evidence Examination
Crime Scene Photography - Evidence Photography - Evidence Analysis - Digital Image Enhancement - Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst - Criminal Case Review

Lt. Robert J. (Bob) Garrett is a fingerprint expert , crime scene expert and crime scene reconstructionist.